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We understand that when San Diego’s Property Managers decide to change landscape providers for residential and commercial properties, it can create more work.

Green Gardening Today’s primary goal is to create a partnership with the Property Manager to make the job of overseeing landscape services easier.

Green Gardening Today strives to create a seamless transition for  Homeowner’s Association upon being awarded a new landscaping services contract.

Scope of Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services

Green Gardening Today provides all labor, equipment, materials and supervision required to maintain the specified landscape areas to the satisfaction of both the Property Manager and/or the Homeowner’s Association (HOA):

  • Turf Maintenance
  • Irrigation Installation & Maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Weed Control
  • Trees
  • Planting Seasonal Color
  • Fertilization
  • Litter Control
  • Emergency Services

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Success at Green Gardening Today

Quality commercial landscape maintenance requires long range planning, consistent maintenance, and good communication skills.  It takes commercial landscape maintenance professionals who understand the budget, but also pay attention to the details that makes a difference when maintaining a garden.

Quality commercial landscape maintenance requires long range planning, consistent maintenance, and good communication skills.  It takes commercial landscape maintenance professionals who understand the budget, but also pay attention to the details that makes a difference when maintaining a garden.

Garden care such as lacing shrubs, fertilizing, and weeding are landscape services that require more time –  but they make the grounds look more polished and the client happier

We also have the gardening tools transported to our clients through our removals to France 

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Simple Tips To Always Keep Your Garden Beautiful

A garden perched in front of your house makes it heaven to live in. That is one reason why people wish to have a beautiful garden set in front of their houses. However, maintaining a garden is not as easy as it is said. It is very much difficult, and you will have to spend a lot of time to maintain the look of the garden and that of the house. Who doesn’t want to have a garden set? But it is the strain that lies in the maintenance makes people stay away from it. So here are some of the simple ways to maintain the beauty of your garden.

It is all about watering:

The most important factor that is required to take care of the beauty of the garden is to water is more than often and make sure that the plants get the required water supply depending on the months and seasons. Why you need not have to water much in the winter, the case is entirely different in summer. Some plants might not require a lot of water, while others drink tonnes. So, watering the plants and keeping the lawn fresh matters.

Weeding out:

When you have a big garden, there are good chances of weeds growing in them. Weeds grow in bushy areas. They grow along with the other plants and eat their strength. So just like watering, it is also important that you weed out the garden and keep your plants safe from intrusion. Depending on the appearance of the weeds, the weeding out process should take place.


A lawn is what makes your garden look beautiful and fills the eyes of the beholder. However, levelling up the height of the lawn and maintaining it in the same look is not easy. If you have a big garden, then a lawn mower is mandatory. This keeps the height of the grass on the ground at the right level and makes the garden look beautiful and always ready.

Keep it natural:

Your plants definitely need a lot of fertilisers and manure to stay healthy and grow well. But these days a large number of people are using chemical fertilisers and pesticides that not just affects the natural growth of the plants but also contaminates the composition of the soil. This can lead to the improper growth of the other plants in the same land and affects groundwater as well. So as far as possible use natural products and make your own compost pit and turn that into the manure that is required for the soil.


You can also elevate the appearance of the garden by adding a lot of homemade DIY stuff like a simple fountain or other home-decorated hanging flower pots in the garden. You can also add a little shed or build a toy house to make it look like a castle. Adding pets like birds and rabbits also boosts the appearance and the feel in the garden.

5 Major Types Of Gardens That Are Found Across The World

Gardening is a very passionate job for people who are into it. Gardening improves the look of the place and also serves as a great hobby for people who are doing it. Gardens located in the residential areas are usually designed to please the eye of the person who maintains it. However, gardens that serve as tourist locations are maintained with great care, and they are such a treat for the eye. The moment we hear the word garden all of us imagine a typical garden with a lot of flowers. But there are more types to it than we think. So here are some of the different types of gardens. Let us have a look at it.

Flower gardens:

These are the usual type of gardens that we see around the corner in almost all the places. They are filled with a lot of flower plants, bushes, shrubs and crotons of all sizes and cut into beautiful shapes.

Rock gardens:

Rock gardens are entirely made up of rock, and there are not much of plants. Small plants, bushes and crotons are added only to give it a natural look and to add beauty to the rocks. Rocks of different sizes are so beautifully arranged and made to appear in accord. They are such a delight to watch.

Water gardens:

Water gardens are usually found in countries with a temperate climate. Water gardens are such a beauty to watch. They are made up of water bodies of different sizes, and light settings are added to it to make it beautiful and appear good. They are even more beautiful during the night visits.

Herb and vegetable gardens:

These type of gardens only have the herbs and vegetable plants. You can hardly see a flower or a plant that is grown just for beauty. Here only the herbs and vegetables are grown, and it makes it more of a place that promotes natural health and hygiene.

Speciality gardens:

Speciality gardens are the ones that you usually get to see in places. These are gardens that are designed with some speciality. There are two major types of gardens in this regard, and they are the scented gardens and roof to gardens.

The rooftop gardens are the ones that have recently become famous, and a lot of people prefer to have one in their houses. This is because of the advent of flat roofs that have enabled people to build beautiful rooftop gardens. But they are quite costly and expensive to maintain as well.

The next one in this order comes to the scented gardens. These gardens are specifically grown with plants and flowers that spread a lot of fragrance and generates a great aroma in the air. This is the reason why they are categorised under speciality gardens.

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